DieHard 71987 950 Peak Amps 18AH Jump Starter / Portable DC & USB

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<p> Emergency power at home or on the road! Portable Power&#39;s 950 peak amps jump starts 12-volt vehicles and powers 12-volt DC lights and other devices. The included USB port on the dieHard 71987 provides power for USB-compatible portable devices. The DieHard Jump Starter includes two 12-voltVolt DC power outlets to provide up to 40 hours of DC power for accessories and two built-in lights. With the use of the fast 600mA wall charger, the internal circuitry recharges the internal 18Ah DieHard AGM battery then switches to float-mode monitoring so full power is available when you need it! This Portable Jump Starter also includes two 24-inch cables with spark resistant clamps.</p> <h3> Features:</h3> <ul> <li> 950 Peak Amps for instant jump starting</li> <li> 18Ah DieHard battery absorbed glass mat, user-replaceable, non-spillable</li> <li> ON/OFF switch puts power to the clamps for jump starting</li> <li> Digital display</li> <li> Two 12-volt DC receptacles</li> <li> Two built-in area lights</li> <li> USB port</li> <li> 600mA wall charger</li> <li> Jumper clips with cables</li> <li> Carrying handle</li> <li> Full 1-year warranty</li> <li> Battery Charger Type: Booster</li> </ul> <h3> What&#39;s In The Box:</h3> <ul> <li> DieHard 71987 950 Peak Amps 18AH Jump Starter / Portable DC &amp; USB Power Source</li> </ul>